Rainy Lazy Sunday

Yesterday was cold and rainy, a lazy inducing day indeed. I wish I had known, because I would have embarked on these two craft projects from Martha Stewart.

The first one is so cute, I am tempted to decorate my desk with these. However, I don’t a have a child, and making crafts that look like a child made them is probably not the best way to gain respect among co-workers. So if I do make these, I will probably just keep them at home, but look below, perhaps if your conned into babysitting for a friends’ child, or are in need of some brightness you can try to make these. I bet they look just as cute even if the jellybean pollen is eaten and I bet they’d make great place cards. However, I opted for something easier and just bought myself potted Daffodil, not edible, but at least if there are imperfections they are caused my nature and not by me.

The second is similar to the Birdnest cookies. The nests that Martha suggests we make are make with Phyllo dough, you know the flaky dough that makes Baklava. It’s a very light tasting dough so I doubt there are people who have strong opinions about the taste. The Phyllo dough also comes in string form and can create the illusion of the bird’s nest without having any coconut. Since I adore coconut, I am not too excited about taste of these treats. However, they are so precious that I think any normal person would squeal with delight at finding these on a plate next to the candy dish. I did not make these either , that would have entailed going outside and figuring out where one buys stringed Phyllo dough—way too much work for a sleepy Sunday.

And as promised, here is the link the Martha Steward article (link). For those of you who are inspired by the jellybeans in a vase, just imagine the possibilities of all the other candy you can stick in a vase to brighten up and cute-tefy your flower arrangements.


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